It’s always been about you.

To be successful in the commercial landscaping business requires more than just great-looking properties. For us, it’s about developing long-term relationships with our own team and with our customers.

Our management team has been maintaining the landscapes for commercial properties in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky since the early ’80s. We understand the demands put on you, the property managers, and we know how to alleviate your pain points.  

Rachel Rorie


As President, Rachel oversees our Sales, Operations and Administrative teams. As a founding member of the GroundSystems team, Rachel helped develop many of the systems and processes our company has in place today. Rachel started her career in the landscape industry with GroundMasters in 2000. Since then she has become very well versed in nearly all aspects of a commercial landscaping business. Rachel's goal is to provide her team with the best resources available in all aspects of the business so that they experience a high level of satisfaction with their career at GroundSystems.  She hopes that GroundSystems will be known for outstanding customer service and for being a great place to work.

Steve Barhorst

Vice President of Operations

Steve started as a crew member at GroundMasters in 1996 and worked his way up to branch manager. Now, at GroundSystems, Steve oversees all aspects of performing and managing the day-to-day operations. His goal is to ensure the GroundSystems team is always ready to provide the highest level of service possible.

Kris Marsh

Vice President of Accounting & Administration

Kris manages all aspects of accounting and administration. She has more than 20 years of accounting experience--the last ten in the commercial grounds industry. She served as Controller for a national provider and joined GroundSystems in 2014 as Controller.

Gary Kuykendall

Business Development Manager

Gary identifies and delivers the best services and solutions to our clients as the leader of our sales and client management staff. His 30+ year career started as a Principal of GroundMasters. Since then he has lead and participated in all aspects of the industry, from mowing lawns and performing installation work, to designing GroundMasters’ client management software systems and overseeing their best-in-class customer service standards.

Chris Hayes

Fleet Manager

Chris founded Landscape Creations in 1982. In 1998, Landscape Creations was acquired by GroundMasters and Chris assumed the role of VP of Operations. Now at GroundSystems Chris works closely with each of the branch leadership teams to ensure they have necessary resources such as labor, materials and equipment to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Bryan Sears

IT Manager

Bryan has over 20 years of experience supporting and managing corporate networks across financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.  Bryan's primary goal is to assist the GroundSystems team on a daily basis by making sure they have the technology they need to take the company to the next level.

Mark McClanahan

Corporate Projects Manager

Mark has over 40 years of experience in the landscape industry. He worked for several landscape companies before joining GroundMasters in 1999 as an Account Manager. Mark eventually became a Branch Manager serving in this role in two different locations. Mark joined GroundSystems in 2017 and works with the corporate team on systems and procedures.

Andrea Noonan

HR Administrator

Andrea began her career in the landscape industry in 1995 as an Administrator/HR Coordinator with GroundMasters. After re-locating out of state for three years, Andrea returned to the area - initially working for a variety of industries in an HR capacity before returning to the GroundSystems team in 2019. Andrea’s focus in her role with GroundSystems is to support her customers, the GroundSystems staff, with all aspects of their day-to-day employment needs to ensure they have the internal support they need to give our clients the high level of quality they expect.

Mike Rorie

Board Member

Mike has worked in the commercial grounds industry for over three decades. He started his first company, GroundMasters, with one truck, and grew it to a five-city, regional platform serving 1,200 customers before selling it to a national provider in 2006. As a Board Member, Mike resources the GroundSystems team and provides valuable insight and direction.

Matt Eveleth

Operations Specialist

Matt started in the landscape industry part time in high school as a Crew Member and Greenhouse Assistant in Michigan in the early 2000's.  Matt moved to Cincinnati in 2009 and began working full time for a large landscape company as a Crew Leader and eventually became an Operations Manager.  Matt recently joined GroundSystems and is excited to be part of a team that takes pride in their work and the landscapes they create for customers.

Mike Graves

Regional Account Manager

Mike has been working in the industry since the early 80s, joining the GroundMasters team in 1999. Mike has served in nearly every position a grounds management company has to offer, from crew foreman to account manager. Starting out as a crew foreman and most recently as a regional account manager. He believes trust, honesty and quality are the foundations of a great working relationship and uses these principles to deliver excellent results to our clients.

Ian Robinson

Regional Administrator

Ian began his career in the green industry over 17 years ago with one of the nation's largest lawn care providers , eventually moving into a regional supervisory role.  With that, Ian learned a vast amount about the green industry and the various roles and responsibilities that help make a green industry company successful.  Ian believes in delivering superb customer service and delivering consistent results. 

Amanda Ionna

Accounting Manager

Amanda has more than 10 years of accounting experience.  She is focused on providing the GroundSystems team with accurate and up-to-date financial information.

Jeff Fox

Branch Manager, Dayton

Jeff manages our Dayton branch and strives to provide customers with the highest quality service in the industry. His career in the green industry began in 1992 as a residential landscape contractor. He transitioned to commercial grounds management in 2010 and joined the GroundSystems team in 2014.

Angela Craft

Branch Administrator, Dayton

Brian Bowermaster

Operations Manager, Dayton

Kyle Guthrie

Production Manager, Dayton

Kyle started his journey in the landscape industry 17 years ago as a summer helper for a maintenance company.  Since then, he has been in multiple production roles in the landscape and construction trades from Install Foreman to Operations Manager to General Manager of a large company in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Kyle joined GroundSystems in 2013 as their first production employee.  After re-locating to Utah and coming back to Dayton, Kyle rejoined the team in 2021 as a Production Manager.  Kyle's goal is to assist the branch leadership with ensuring the team is positioned to provide the best service to GroundSystems customers and the best experience for GroundSystems employees.

Juan Cabrera

Operations Manager, Dayton

Juan strives to maximize productivity and deliver excellent customer service. He started his career in landscaping in 2014, as a crew member of GroundSystems. He graduated from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. Juan worked as a supervisor for DHL Supply Chain before returning to GroundSystems as an Operations Manager in 2017.   

Joe Roberts

Operations Manager, Dayton

Joe has over 20 years of experience in the green industry.  He has held various roles in the green industry from Operations Manager to Business Owner.  Joe has a passion for quality and exceeding customer expectations.  He believes communication, planning, trust, and respect are the keys to working on a team to deliver excellent customer service.

Jim Moore

Landscape Operations Manager, Dayton

Jim began his career in the landscape industry in the 1980's. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University. He ran is own successful design/build firm in the Dayton market for over 20 years. Jim's design experience and his attention to detail ensures our customers experience a very high quality result.  

Jill Bender

Business Development Manager, Dayton

Jill has worked in the commercial landscape industry in various roles since 2008.  Prior to joining GroundSystems, Jill was an Account Manager and then a Branch Manager at a commercial landscape company in Pittsburgh.  Prior to joining the landscape industry, Jill was a property manager.  Her previous experience gives her a unique perspective and a passion for customer service.  Jill's goal is to create long lasting relationships with our customers.


Jason Edwards

Account Manager, Dayton

Jason has been working in the landscape industry since 2002. He founded his own landscape company in 2007.  After many years in the industry, he joined a local company in 2014 as an Account Manager. He has held many roles, from crew member to sales person to Account Manager. Jason joined the GroundSystems team in 2018. He is dedicated to creating long lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with the highest quality service.

Jim Bishop

Branch Manager, Cincinnati

Jim started his career in 1988 as a crew member for GroundMasters. He served in various roles until being promoted to Branch Manager. At GroundSystems, Jim oversees the daily operations in the Cincinnati Market to ensure that our team produces quality service in a safe and professional manner.

Joni Adams

Branch Administrator, Cincinnati

Joni began her landscape career over 25 years ago as a field employee with a small landscape company, quickly moving into the Office Manager role. When the company closed, she joined the GroundMasters team in 2005 as an Administrator. Her focus at GroundSystems is to provide internal support to the accounting and management teams. Joni also works with our vendors and customers to make sure that no detail is overlooked.

Michael Furbay

Business Development Manager, Cincinnati

Michael began his career in the landscape industry in 1998.  He has held numerous positions ranging from Crew Member to Landscape Manager to Account Manager.  His passion for the industry compelled him to earn a degree in Horticulture Science in 2014. Michael works with the Cincinnati team to ensure excellent customer service and quality product are delivered every day.  He believes trust, honesty, and communication are the keys to creating long lasting relationships.

Joel Scott

Account Manager, Cincinnati

Joel began his career in in the landscape industry in 1997, and earned his degree in horticulture from Cincinnati State in 2001. After spending two years supervising and installing residential landscapes, he joined the GroundMasters team in 2004 as a Landscape Installation Foreman. Throughout his career, Joel has served in various roles in operations and customer service. Joel is Landscape Industry Certified through NALP, and acts as a judge to candidates for certification. His passion and understanding of how a landscape is presented allows him to help our customers enhance their image.

Joe Rucker

Account Manager, Cincinnati

Joe brings a wealth of knowledge to our team from his diverse background, which includes forestry, turf management, and irrigation installation and design. Joe joined GroundMasters in 1999 as an Account Manager. In his current position at GroundSystems, he understands it’s quality and customer service first that makes the difference. Joe’s goal is to provide a level of service that exceeds customer expectations.


Mitch Hardin

Account Manager, Cincinnati

Mitch began his career in the landscape industry in 2011 as a landscape maintenance crew member.  Mitch has held various roles in the landscape industry, from landscape foreman to production manager to account manager.  Mitch has found he most enjoys building relationships with customers and fulfilling their landscaping needs.  Mitch's progression through the landscape industry has given him a unique attention to detail and the ability to identify customer's needs and deliver quality solutions.


Scott Mullins

Operations Manager, Cincinnati

Scott started in landscaping in 1993 as a crew member with a small landscaping company and knew then this would be his career path.  Scott has over three decades of experience in the industry and has held various roles in different landscaping companies.  Scott believes that great customer communication, great service, honesty, integrity and trust are the keys to success.  Scott enjoys building partnerships with customers and team members.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Ryan Sexton

Operations Manager, Cincinnati

Ryan began his career within the construction industry in 2001 as an Operating Engineer. In 2012 he decided to join the green industry as a Crew Member and was quickly promoted to a Supervisor Role. He later took a position as an Operations Manager/Safety Leader. Ryan is a firm believer that communication, customer service, integrity, respect, and honesty lead to high quality work environments. Ryan takes pride in anything GroundSystems' name is attached to and thrives at exceeding customer expectations.

Jacob Brozzetti

Operations Manager, Cincinnati

Jacob started working in the landscape industry in 2001 working for a residential service provider on a mowing crew.  In 2005, Jacob joined the US Marine Corps where he served 3 tours in Iraq.  After completing his tours as a Sergeant he was honorably discharged and returned to the landscape industry working for a local company.  Jacob joined the commercial side of the landscape industry in 2017 and worked as a Crew Leader and then an Operations Manager.  Jacob joined the GroundSystems team in 2019.  Jacob enjoys sharing his expertise by training crew members in all of our operations.

Bruce Flege

Landscape Operations Manager, Dayton

Bruce began his landscape career in 1991 at a local design/build firm.  He transitioned to working for a national provider starting as a Supervisor and moving up to an Operations Manager position.  In 2018 Bruce joined GroundSystems as a Landscape Operations Manager.  Bruce is Landscape Industry Certified by NALP and participates annually as a judge for NALP to help others become certified.  His attention to detail helps ensure that we exceed customer expectations.

Jacob Schroeder

Operations Manager, Cincinnati

Jacob started his landscaping career in 2014 working as a crew member for a small, residential company.  After working for several landscaping companies, Jacob joined GroundSystems and spent three years leading a crew.  Jacob was promoted to the Operations Manager role where he will continue to work with our team to deliver excellent service for our customers.

Ken Brewer

Branch Manager, Northern Kentucky

Kenny began his green industry career over 30 years ago. He worked for several landscape companies prior to joining GroundMasters in 1996 as a landscape designer. Over the years, Kenny held many positions at GroundMasters, including Regional Manager. At GroundSystems, he oversees daily operations to ensure that our team works together to deliver exceptional results to our customers.

Sheila Dean

Branch Administrator, Northern Kentucky

Sheila began her experience as an office administrator in 1999. She joined the landscape industry in 2016 with a large landscape company in Northern Kentucky. She became a part of the GroundSystems’ team through an acquisition and is currently managing the administrative responsibilities for the Northern Kentucky branch.

Eric Edwards

Business Development Manager, Northern Kentucky

Eric developed a passion for the landscaping profession over two decades ago while working as a sales associate for a local nursery. In the spring of 1998, he founded Perfection Landscaping & Design, Inc.. Perfection remained in operation until the fall of 2017 when he joined forces with GroundSystems, Inc. He now focuses on building lasting relationships and ensuring our customers receive the impeccable quality and service they have come to expect from the GroundSystems team.

Jay Witte

Account Manager, Northern Kentucky

Jay is responsible for building and strengthening relationships with past, current and future customers. His focus is to handle our priorities so our customers can handle theirs. Jay started in this industry over 20 years ago as a lawn care applicator with GroundMasters.

Kevin Milliken

Account Manager, Northern Kentucky

Kevin started in the landscape industry in 2006 as a Crew Member. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, he accepted a positions as a Supervisor working for a national landscape company. Kevin has served in a variety of operations and customer service roles within the green industry during his career. His experience gives him the knowledge to work with customers to create the best solution that meets their needs.

Brian Scott

Account Manager, Northern Kentucky

Brian has worked in the landscape industry for over 20 years.  He began working as a crew member and was promoted several times to various roles within management.  Brian first came to GroundSystems as an Operations Manager overseeing our landscape installation department.  Brian's industry experience and positive attitude make him a great fit for the Account Manager position at GroundSystems.

Mike Schmitz

Operations Manager, Northern Kentucky

Mike started in the industry as a technician and salesman for a local power equipment dealership.  Since then he has worked in many roles within the landscape industry including crew member and crew leader.  Mike joined the GroundSystems team in 2017 as the result of an acquisition.  Mike's knowledge of equipment and industry practices make him a great fit for the Operations Manager position.

Zach McGlone

Operations Manager, Northern Kentucky

Zach started his career as a Grounds Crewman and eventually Grounds Supervisor at a minor league baseball complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. During this time Zach earned degrees in  Organizational Leadership & Business Management at Northern Kentucky University. Zach has also worked in the dirt and landscape equipment insurance industry as a Production Underwriter and Product Manager for the Specialty Equipment Services division of Great American Insurance Group. Following his time at Great American, Zach worked as the Maintenance Program Manager & Warranty Coordinator with The Motz Group. Zach joined GroundSystems in 2018 as an Operations Manager at the Hebron, Kentucky branch.  

Rory Tormey

Landscape Operations Manager, Northern Kentucky

Rory began his career in the green industry in 2002 working for GroundMasters.  He started as a Crew Member, grew into a Crew Leader, and then began managing landscape departments as an Operations Manager.  He is landscape industry certified through NALP and is very knowledgeable in landscape and irrigation installation.  Rory's decades of industry experience make him a vital member of the GroundSystems team.

Zack Getz

Operations Manager, Northern Kentucky

Zack started in the landscape industry in 2001.  He has experience in landscape installations, landscape maintenance, sports turf maintenance, and hardscape installations.  Zack joined GroundSystems in 2017 as a Landscape Crew Leader and was promoted to Operations Manager.  Zack's vast experience, his technical knowledge, and his relationships with his co-workers make him a great fit for the Operations Manager position.   

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